Here’s Every Version of Sonic the Hedgehog, From 1991 to 2020

Sonic Frontiers is a fascinating game, mostly because of how little it actually feels like the rest of the series. The game’s marketing has called it an “evolution” of the Sonic formula, and that’s certainly accurate, but it’s still hampered by some growing pains. Sublime exploration and intuitive mechanics constantly clash with Sonic Frontiers’ insistence on introducing mandatory mini-games and one-off gimmicks, many of which simply aren’t engaging. Sonic Frontiers manages to mix what we expect from a Sonic game with an open world full of collectibles. The gameplay is great, the soundtrack is fantastic and the graphics are good. The title lacks in the difficulty, story and in the visuals of the cutscenes.

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Prior to the final boss, both Sonics will undergo a Boss Rush of the final bosses from their respective generations. We just have to wait to see how much different the 3DS version will be from the console version. There’s always the possibly of an alternate costume for Sonic. Or having Classic Sonic as a Hidden Character you can play as after meeting certain criteria, or more likely an unplayable boss in a running event. Water Palace is present, and Classic Sonic’s version of Tropical Resort is based on the DS version rather than the Wii version. Actually, Metal Sonic was ranting about a Machine Empire in Sonic Heroes, so perhaps he wishes to create a nightmare future ala Terminator.

Shadow The Hedgehog

It seems that these movies love to pay tribute to old Sonic games. It may involve the other Chaos Emeralds, potentially meaning we could see our first appearance of Super Sonic. When it launched, filled with rain players couldn’t see though, horrible camera angles, invisible bridges, wonky character models, broken textures, and scores of other problems.

If they’re half that good, go ahead and add us to the wait list. Though the environment is quite beautiful, the floating rails, jump pads, and rings feel strange and out of place. They’re not quite involved with the environment in any way so it’s jarring to look at. In past Sonic video games, it’s always been high-speed action, booming pop music, an array of lights, and colorful enemies. Compared to past games, Sonic Frontiers seems peaceful… but also a little empty? Players will have to wait and see how Sega utilizes this new open-world Sonic game.

  • The signature combat was relatively the same, though there’s more for players to do thanks to the new “The Subspace Emissary” adventure and online play, along with the returning “Target Smash!
  • These characters are Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog, and the avatar.
  • The game will actually be a compilation of various remastered levels from the series, with no plot whatsoever.
  • If you want to build a simple scratch game, this video tutorial will walk you through the steps.

With that said, you have to admire Sonic Adventure for what it achieved. In terms of raw ambition it was a blueprint for Sonic in 3D that rivals Super Mario 64 – in fact, it’s arguably more ambitious, given it has six playable characters, each with unique skill sets and challenges to tackle. It’s perhaps too ambitious – which is why it’s a twitchy, buggy mess.. Sonic was of course created to market the Mega Drive and give Sega a fighting chance against Nintendo. Sonic’s pinball-like gameplay and super speed was designed to showcase things that the Mega Drive could do better than the SNES, even – but as company mascot, Sonic also saw versions of his early games on weaker systems.

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Sonic Mania is about as long as the classics, so you can beat it in a few hours or so. That might seem short, but the game has plenty of incentives to get you keep you interested. Each has their own abilities that give them access to their own unique routes, so it’s worth going through Sonic Mania as each of them. Eggman’s not even doing all of this in the service of a big endgame, like wanting to create a purely artificial sonic games online world — if that were the case, he wouldn’t rely on tiny animals to power his sinister creations. No, this is the mindset of a villain that just likes to hurt defenseless creatures because it’s easy.

This is only further highlighted as you complete more puzzles and open up new routes to run quickly between areas. The more you play and complete challenges, the more these islands feel like traditional Sonic stages. Sonic Frontiers is not an open-world; rather it’s filled with bigger sandbox levels that have various obstacles and puzzles to explore.

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